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The Science Behind Hykso

We deeply believe that knowledge is the best way to unlock your full potential. It is also clear to us that the best way to acquire this knowledge is through innovative science. We put this page together so you can learn more about the science behind your Hykso Trackers.

What is the Intensity Score?

The Intensity Score is a proprietary metric that will be core to your experience using Hykso. Let’s look at what it is:

  • Created to measure the output exertion of the motion (This is not the same as the energy transferred to the bag / object being punched)
  • It is a number that starts at 0 at the beginning of each round and every punch you throw increases the value until the round is over, where you see that round’s Intensity Score.
  • The amount that it increases by depends on many factors, such as punch velocity, punch type and how well you generate the speed behind the punch (optimally a short time duration with a very high acceleration)
  • We created a 3 tiered system to further reward punches with large amounts of effort and energy behind them. Check out this graph of the 3 tiered system:

    Each tier drastically increases the Intensity Score, so for the highest score you would need to always throw the largest volume of Tier 3 punches so it’s a trade-off between volume and intensity. Basically, you should push yourself to punch as hard and as much as possible during a training and you’ll be getting a better and better Intensity Score!
  • Use it to benchmark your effort during a workout. For example, you can run the same drill twice and aim to improve your Intensity Score. You can also monitor your Intensity Score between your drills to see which ones push you hard.

What is the Average Velocity?

Let’s make things a bit clearer. Let’s talk about the average velocity and what it is exactly.

  • What Does Our Punch Recognition System Do?Every time you throw a punch we record what the highest velocity you reached during the motion was. Not necessarily the velocity that you hit the bag with.
  • Then, we average this for each round, so you can see at which velocity most of your punches traveled.

What Does Our Punch Recognition System Do?

We differentiate between 4 types of punches:

  • Left Straight (includes jabs/crosses)
  • Right Straight (includes jabs/crosses)
  • Left Power (includes hooks/uppercuts)
  • Right Power (includes hooks/uppercuts)

We also remove motions we don’t consider punches as much as possible, such as:

  • Blocks
  • Parries
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Skipping Rope
  • Battle Ropes
  • Most Low Velocity Hand Motions
  • Hand Motions During Kicks

Hardware Information

We have tuned the antenna to perform best near the skin, under wraps and gloves. This technology easily connects to the majority of smartphones.

Powerful Processor

The processor runs an artificial intelligence system on chip. This is how we recognize motions.
  • The intelligence is trained with thousands of punches and movements of professional, amateur and novice boxers, kick boxers, mixed martial artists and muay thai fighters.
  • It evaluates 6 degrees of motion hundreds of times per second.
  • All calculations for each punch are done in under 100ms.

Autonomous from Your Phone

The Hykso Tracker is a fully embedded system which means that:
  • All the calculations about your motion are done in the Trackers.
  • You only need a phone to start and then the trackers can record everything and sync to the phone later when you get back within range.

Efficient Battery

Batteries are often the trickiest part to get right when building wearable technology. Ours is as efficient as it gets:
  • The battery lasts 10 hours of continuous use.
  • It only takes 1 hour to fully recharge the Hykso Trackers.

Sweat Proof

We truly believe the Hykso Trackers will get you to work harder than you ever have. This is why we have built them so they can hold up to both moisture and sweat. Here is a Hykso Tracker being submited to the ultimate test.

On that image you can see that the tracker is still connected to the app, although being fully underwater.