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Hykso: Punch Tracking Technology


The Hykso app allows you to view your punch output in real time and measure your daily, weekly, and monthly progression.


Hykso’s punch trackers track your hands’ movement 1000 times per second to detect the number, the type, and the velocity of all your punches.

Benefit from Accurate Feedback

Punch Count

Punch Count

You cannot improve what you cannot measure. Knowing exactly how many punches you threw in training will make you accountable and get you to work harder.
Punch Speed

Punch Speed

Use punch speed to work on your combinations. The data will let you see how fast you can put them together.
Intensity Score

Intensity Score

The Intensity Score is the ultimate metric to help you get combat ready. It measures your physical output so you know how combat fit you are.

The Hykso Trackers

Hykso is the first sport tracker designed specifically for boxing. It has been engineered to endure the extreme training of the world’s top fighters. Nothing has been left to chance.
The Hykso Trackers

Sweat Proof

Sweat it out! The trackers can take it.

Durable & Comfortable

We use materials with improved comfort that also allow for better grip.

High Accuracy

The Hykso Trackers record over 6000 data points for every single punch, in order to accurately identify your punch and its velocity.

Updates for Life

All future updates to the software will be free.

Shipping, Payment and Waranty

This is a pre-order campaign. The estimated shipping date is April 2017. Our trackers come with a 30-day money back guarantee. Your pre-order is also covered by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Payments are processed and secured by Shopify. All prices listed on the website are in US dollars. Should you be especially disappointed by your order, it is also possible to settle things in the ring with Hykso’s CEO.

If you need more information, please contact us at info@hykso.com.

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