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Train Smart Win Easy

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Here we are!

You are about to be part of the first people on Earth to enjoy Hykso's punch tracking technology. You'll now be able to make the most of your boxing training. Whether you are pro looking for that competitive edge or a recreational boxer you will reach your objectives faster with Hykso.

Accurately measure your efforts.

Make the most of your training sessions. Using Hykso's sensors, you'll be able to measure your physical output in real time.

Track your progression

Numbers don't lie. Hykso makes sure you improve by helping you keeping an eye on your stats.

Take it outside

You can now compete both in and out of the ring by comparing your training intensity with other members of the Hykso community.


*This product comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.This is a pre-sale. The estimated shipping date is June 2016.

**This is the basic version of the Hykso sensors. If you are interested by the pro version, please contact us.